Beautiful Green Campus in 8 Acres

WE, at BRITISH VICTORIA SCHOOL, always believe that our institutions should be spacious and located in peaceful surroundings away from the urban pollution and distractions. British Victoria School, Sultanpur Lodhi is situated in approximately 8 Acers of Land that provides a best learning experience in both scholastic and co-scholastic in Sultanpur Lodhi and is in process of affiliation with Central Board of Secondary Education. A green campus demonstrates its commitment to ecological sustainability through its academic programs, its research, its campus life, and its physical operations. There is a separate ground for the private and public transport.

Using the Environment as an Integrating Context for Learning -Interdisciplinary, hands-on, project-based learning that adapts to individual student`s unique skills and environments. It`s primarily focused not on learning about the environment, but applying math, science, language arts etc. to environmental topics.