Dear Parents,

Shinderpal Singh(Raja), Chairman

It is my pleasure to welcome you to BRITISH VICTORIA SCHOOL community.This is a school where we will always deeply committed to ensure that each and every student has the attention and care of our professional staff. We will work to foster a school environment that is suuportive and encouraging for both children and adults.

At BRITISH VICTORIA SCHOOL we want to provide an exemplaryeducational experience that nurtures an international perspective developed through the challenging program of an Excellent Education. BRITISH VICTORIA SCHOOL become grounded in the important qualities of integrity, leadership, adaptability and true compassion for others.

The school that is consistently moving forward in preparing students to be successful as moderen global citizens. School strategic plan, excellent teaching and support staff, all help achieving. The school vision.... BRITISH VICTORIA SCHOOL where together we thrive and reach for excellence.

I am inspired by the possibilies that exist for our school this year. Please accept my invitaion to participate with us as we prepare our students for the future.

Shinderpal Singh(Raja)

Dear Parents,

Arshdeep Singh, General secretary

We are at the start of a new beginning at BRITISH VICTORIA SCHOOL.In this era of competion the world scenario is changing with speed of it. As we all know that eduaction is a tool, which alone can inculcate national and cultural values among the younger generations.

Our concern and academic excellence, beauty, physical and social education of each child under our care are discovered. Good teachers don't just improve your grades. They change your perspectives, leaving a lasting impression on your life in BRITISH VICTORIA SCHOOL.

I am sure that each student will find hear sense of joy, a love for learning to make the attainment of personal goals and achievement more definite, career advancement mre feasible and happiness more deep and lasting.

I invite you to visit the school to see yourself.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to come to visit in this school.

Arshdeep Singh

Dear Parents,

James Mc Neil

On behalf of School Management of BRITISH VICTORIA SCHOOL.I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your child.

BVS is a multi cultured school, aiming to provide our pupils with a high standard of education, and a variety of experiences, in a happy and caring environment.

Overall, the school will be meeting very effectively the educational and pastoral needs of the children, and has demostratedits capacity for sustained self-improvement.

The distinctive of the schoolcreates the atmosphere in which children can flourish, as they develop their skills, knowledge and self-esteem.

A committed team of teachingstaff and ancillary staff in the Primary School and Nursery Unit strives to provide the best for all pupils throughout their time at BRITISH VICTORIA SCHOOL.

The overall quality of the teachinf in BRITISH VICTORIA SCHOOL will be recognizedas strengthof the school by the Education and Timing Inspectorate, this partnershipis crucial, and is at the center of all that is a good for your child in this school.

James Mc Neil
Yours faithfully

Dear Parents,


I gives me immense pleasure to see a highly visionary school, BRITISH VICTORIA SCHOOL is comming up at Gazipur, Tehsil Sultanpur Lodhi, Distt.Kapurthala. Its just not the school comming up in the locality but it is going to be the school which will turn this building into vast educational hub whose horizons will reach upto the international standards.

The BRITISH VICTORIA SCHOOL will provide education and guidence to children allowing them to learn in accordance with the International Systems and also provide opportunities to glow them physically as it will provide facilities for games also.

The school will come out to be an institution which will provide a strong foundation for the overall developmentof the child.

I wish the school and the management all the best and wish that school comes up as an asset in the area.

DGP PUNJAB (Retired)

Dear Parents,

Chief Executive Officer

Welcome all Parents and students to the new school. I am very excited to be principal for BRITISH VICTORIA SCHOOL and it is my hope that as the progresses you will get to know the staff, the programs and the policies we offer in BRITISH VICTORIA SCHOOL.

It is the goal of the staff at BVS to work with you to create a rich learning environmentfor all students. Student success is a shared responsibility between th eschool staff, students and parents. It is very exciting time for all off us. It is my hope that we will meet any challengeswith determinationand excitement and celebrate all that makes everyone special.

Education is a joint venture between school and home. As we work with our stuudents to help them learn about the world around them through good curriculum, we very much appreciate the supprot that parents give their children at home as they strive to reach their learning goals.

The foundation of a successful school is the cooperation between the students, staff, parents and community. Your contributions are invaluable to the school through volunteer time and support of school activities. I look forward to working with you and deveolping a relationship that will assist in the growth of your children.