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Child-centric Activities with ample emphasis on Learning Through Fun

Fun activities for every concept taught with ample emphasis on learning through experiment. Activities are ingrained into the curriculum to make learning more exciting for the tiny tots.


Play Zone

Movie Day

Catering to the educational needs of Tiny Tots

Adopting a healthy & holistic approach to education

1.Building Confidence

‘Circle Time’ wherein tiny tots are allowed to simply talk & learn about just anything & everything

2.Skill Development

Ample exposure to learn & hone their skills in dance, music, sports, art, and craft, etc.

3.Personal Attention

Teacher focuses on every child minutely, to help improve their reading, writing & speaking skills.

4.Inculcating Values

Inculcating family values in the young ones through various activities & celebrations.

Admission open for the session 2023-2024

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