Arriving on the school, it feels like you are entering a traditional school, collegiate and university town, or in this case, village. At every turn, you are greeted by beautiful architecture and become aware of modern world.

There are glorious gardens and acres of parkland. In fact, it will take you sum time to explore all the fascinating spaces that are tucked away within BRITISH VICTORIA SCHOOL.

Acknowledging one another in this way says something about our community. We don’t just wander through life plugged into our own little world, but are continually mindful of other.

We believe that effective schools are built on strong relationships, between people. As well as the ancient buildings, the carved name-boards, in which the child take such pride.

As well as developing strong corporate spirit, they give to child an overwhelming sense of belonging to something much bigger than each of them. This is both humbling and inspiring- providing young men with invaluable experiences as they mature and prepare to make their mark in the world.